Registrar, Co-operative Societies, Jharkhand
3 Floor, Pashupalan & Sahkarita Bhawan, Hesag, Hatia, Ranchi

There are nearly 38 Lakh farmers in Jharkhand who are engaged in Agricultural activities and a large number of population, especially the Tribes who resides in forests or nearby forest areas are dependent on Minor Forest Produce ie Tamarind, Lac, Mahua Flowers and Fruit, Saal Leaves and Seed, Karanj etrc. for their livelihood.

Trading of Minor Forest Produce (MFP) is based totally on an unorganized rural market structure where the price of MFP depends on buyers and their local middleman. The MFP collectors never gets correct weight and price of their collections. In some Rural Haats of the State the Barter System still persists and the poor people exchange their collected MFP with other household eatable items.

Similarly the Farmers also suffers to sell their produce in proper rates and here also a middleman earns more than a farmers.

Nearly 10,000 different types of Cooperative Societies (including agricultural, vegetable and MFP based) are registered in Jharkhand. But in order to coordinate them at the district level, there was no District Level Cooperative Union and order to coordinate with District Cooperative Unions there was no State Level Cooperative Federation

In order to provide support to farmers and MFP collectors in their activities and provide them proper prices of their products, the state government decided to develop a system and create such a policy which will ensure a much better price of their products and a better and transparent marketing environment to them. The state government has formed Sidho Kanho Krishi evam Vanopaj Zila Sahkari Sangh Ltd. in all districts of Jharkhand and Sidho Kanho Krishi Evam Vanopaj Rajya Sahkari Sangh Ltd. at the state Level.

The main and most important function of the Sidho Kanho Krishi Evam Vanopaj Rajya Sahkari Sangh Ltd. will be to coordinate with all district cooperative unions and other types of cooperative societies to end the middleman’s role in the agricultural and MFP sector of the state by procuring their produce at the rates as per government policies/MSP, Storage facility, value addition of their produce. research for more better and systematic utilization, branding, creating marketing chain etc

The State Federation was registered on 18th Nvember, 2021 under the Jharkhand Cooperative Societies Act, 1935 bearing Registration No.- 02/H.Q/2021 Dated – 18.11.2021